Tips & Tricks

WonderMap is more powerful than you might expect, this document contains a list of the coolest features.

The Basics

The center concept of WonderMap is cards with key/value pairs. Each card has a list of sections that has a key (title) and a value (content). Depending on the type of the section, the value can be anything from some text notes to a website URL! This is insanely useful because you can store essentially whatever you like in whatever structure you're comfortable with.

If you're familiar with JSON objects, this is an easy mindset to get into.


You can format your text with Markdown, a simple text formatting system that lets you add style to your notes! For most styles you can just add a few characters around your text.

For basic styles, *OwO* becomes OwO, **OwO** becomes OwO, and you guessed it! ***OwO*** becomes OwO. You can also do ~~OwO~~ for OwO.

If you put a hashtag before a line, it'll stand out from the rest of the content.

# Special heading text
Some boring old regular text


LaTeX is a high-quality typesetting system that's amazing for marking up technical and scientific notes, especially math formulas. It's also the standard for the communication and publication of scientific documents.

Simply surround formulas with dollar signs ($x = \sin(y)$) to render them.

Learn more about LaTeX


You can share your lists with anyone in the world! Just press the sharing icon next to the list name and click the checkbox to set your list's visibility to public. Then, simply copy the page URL and send it around so anyone will be able to see your deepest darkest secrets.

If you send a link on cool apps like Twitter, Discord, Slack, and more, you might even see an awesome embed pop up with a beautiful colorful banner and some metadata.


On the topic of sharing, you also have a user profile link you can share. It'll show your name, username, and all your public lists!

Keyless Values

It's totally fine to have values without keys! This is especially useful when you just want a card with an embed or a note, and don't want to worry about naming your sections. Just make sure the values don't get too lonely, nobody likes sad values.